Mestre Ananias’s musicality has the potential to unite people and create musical sensibility.

For this reason, my objective is to contribute to promoting and spreading of Mestre Ananias’s legacy.

The purpose of this course is to help and encourage each one’s musical development and journey, while at the same time understanding that capoeira music is a collective process.

After all, the bateria of capoeira is also a band, one where everyone learns to make music together.

What is the role of each berimbau in the bateria?

  • Gunga: plays the Angola toque. It sets the rhythm for the roda but also plays variations (repiques).
  • Medio: plays São Bento Pequeno toque.
  • Viola: plays Angola toque.

Why does the gunga play variations in the bateria?

In many other capoeira groups, it is usually the viola that plays variations (repiques). However, Mestre Anania’s baterias are influenced by many cultural expressions of the African diaspora, where the bigger drum is the one playing variations, driving the ritual, while being played by the person with more experience.

What is the role of berimbau variations in the bateria?

Variations can be used to accompany the vocal parts of a song, as well as putting emphasis in a verse when they are played right after.